Me,”Adam MaliK” and Shaun the Wedus

Posted: September 8, 2011 in kepemimpinan, Kritik sosial

Sometimes, and often, it hard, even so hard to tell the truth. even we already know that telling the truth is a must. in fact, and factually, almost too hard to tell the truth since we are afraid of loosing. loosing friend(s), loosing popularity, loosing job that make us have chance to make money. afraid, always afraid of loosing something we love and “shoulder” to which we rely. instead of telling the truth (because of our fear and interest), it easy even so easy for us telling the lie (white lie?)

Me, Adam Malik and Shaun the Wedus is a real story of that kind. my position in the story is enmity target. Adam Malik, I finally know, he is a kind of an opportunist. and, Shaun the Wedus is a kind of person that always trying to be a good man. there is always a chance for us for being another. there is always a chance we have nno other choice but performing very tragic “drama”. there always a chance, in some cases, to be a traitor. is that bad?

not always so easy for us giving right answer for this question. our interest(s) make us, sometimes, prefer being another than ourselves.keeping situation and work atmosphere (seems) nice and harmonious is one factor that can make us not being ourselves. maybe, we already know that something is ethically wrong, but for that reason we are performing tragic drama by practically considered the wrong thing(s) right (how long we can pretending?).

we, humankind, having capacity for telling the truth. our conscience always lead to tell the truth. truth which can be identified with black or white. no grey. but, sometimes, our fear of loosing something suppress deeply our conscience and in some cases, we got no conscience anymore. it is so situational. question that may be rise is “Is by telling lie and being another we can save our “world”?. “Can lie(s) save the world?”

the figures in this story-me, Adam Malik and Shaun the Wedus, as human, ordinary human, like other person, have capacity to tell the truth. but, in the other side, we, also have tendency to tell lie(s) and being another for the sake of saving our “world”. I don’t mean that we hafta tell lies to save the world. all I want is telling that sometimes we are facing difficult situation. at one side we hafta tell the truth as commanded by our conscience. but, at the other side, hafta compromise for the “better” of other(s). I am not telling that we must have “grey area”. no. always positioning ourselves is not way out and wise way for solving problems. always positioning ourselves in grey area is gradually killing our conscience. the simple, truth hafta be told with its any cost. but, it takes time to be wise person. what about you? are you Adam Malik, Shaun the Wedus or me? cheer…

  1. M Mursyid PW says:

    Blognya dah bagus gini, kok. Hanya theme-nya yang menurut saya perlu diganti.

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